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He is a man, or, at least, a large, golden-retriever-like man-boy, who seems to be having some trouble fitting his long legs in even this oversize booth.I'd read that Hammer grew up shooting in Texas ("It was a family activity kind of thing—go out and shoot a bunch of cactuses," he explains), so I suggest skipping lunch and heading to the nearest gun range. " he says, scrolling through his i Phone, trying to find one nearby.Given that Up until now, all fans can do is guess, though some believe that official casting will be released in the days to come.

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The film is directed by Guy Ritchie, and it looks like a lot of fun."My favorite is next to the Angeles National Forest.You can do things like throw a watermelon in the air and shoot it." Hammer is a gun enthusiast—he bought his first rifle at 18—and he puts his hobby to use as the title character in this month's , but he's sensitive to the current debate surrounding the weapons.Six-foot-five, with shoulders that can only be described as strapping, Hammer has smooth, golden skin and eyes the color of the Pacific Ocean.On this cool spring day, his flaxen hair is windswept, and his ridiculously chiseled jawline is dotted with stubble—the first sign that behind his polite, aristocratic veneer lurks a wildness.

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