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Ashton furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Y/N, why are you talking to a member of Pierce The Veil and why does he know my name?" Ashton asked looking at you but still staying in front of the computer."Because we are dating." You said slowly as if trying to explain something to a two year old."Oh." He said, he looked back at Mike.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea: According to Hollywood Take, besides all the rumors, this is one couple that has been going strong for a while.

Finally they stopped and Mike had your full attention.

Not for very long though, because after a couple of seconds there was a loud knock at your door.

Their eyes didn't leave Alex."Luke, why is your sister holding hands with Alex Gaskarth." Michael tried to whisper, yet you and Alex both heard him. He started talking to Alex while you talked to Luke and the rest of his band.

Soon you went your separate ways, and you and Alex decided to go on a 'romantic walk.'"Sorry about my brother and his weird band mate." You said kicking at the ground a bit."It's fine. You laughed at his impression of Michael that sounded more like a teenage girl."Whatever you do, make sure Michael doesn't steal you away from me." You pouted."Never." He chuckled kissing you.

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