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There is some confusion as to how to tell the age of certain double decks of cards made by Kem.(Kem was the original 100% plastic playing card.) This is usually because sellers don't know that there is a dating code on the Ace of Spades.Use the chart below to determine the year the deck was printed. Since there are many dates for each letter, you should first refer to the start and end dates for the back design on this site (for Bicycle cards). For example, if the deck has "A12", that deck was printed in December of 1998.Subsequent years use the same month/date code as the older, pre-USPC decks: "202"= February, 2002, etc.Most often the cards will be listed as "vintage 1935" or something similar.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that, since US Playing Card Co.A reliable way to date decks made by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) is the dating code printed on the ace of spades or joker at the time it was manufactured. REV.', 'PLAYING CARDS,' and 'CLASS A.' Both stamps have have '7 CENTS' in the center row of the cancellation, and they were cancelled by the U. The code is helpful in dating decks after 1904, the year it started, according to the Hochman Encyclopedia. You can also look at the tax stamp on the tuck case (if any), design of the ace of Spades, and style of the box (if any! It is also worth noting that older decks can occasionally be found in newer boxes, and vice versa, presumably because inventory of boxes and decks did not always run out at the same time. Collectors will also sometimes pair an orphan deck with an empty box of a similar vintage.

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