Dating black people

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Or just completely ignoring the tragedy altogether.” To be clear, it’s not only whites who desire Black bodies in their beds without being outwardly concerned about what happens to similar Black bodies in the streets; many other races of men and women stand for anti-Blackness while laying with Black bodies too.

Mason’s thesis is clear: keep your hands to yourself if you can’t use those hands to uplift Black people in our ongoing struggle for liberation.

Please please PLEASE stop with the catfishing invites.

You ain't getting shit from me AND if you keep effing with me I might just jump on Delta and come to Accra or wherever you are in Ghana to kick your catfishing a--!

No Black person in this country, whether they be President of the United States, the homeless, or anyone in between, can live their lives believing in colorblindness.

Therefore, any allusions to colorblindness from non-Black people is an exercise of a privilege that Black people can’t afford, and it’s bullsh*t.

How do you expect to be treated like a queen if you treat him like a servant.Don’t use your voice to tell Black folk how beautiful they are if you can’t also use that voice to champion our cause of Black lives mattering.Otherwise, non-Black people dating and mating with Black people are showing us that they can only commit to loving parts of us, but not all of us.The fight that we are engaged in is debilitating and exhausting.We want to truly believe that in 2016, we are a post-racial nation.

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