Dating by profession

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But if you’re shopping around on a dating website, free to be picky, stay away from men in these lines of work.

Actors are sometimes away for months at a time, and when they’re not on a project, some are stressed out about when they will get another project.

It also doesn’t help they will have to kiss another person for a scene from time to time.

In women, the top titles are physical therapist, interior designer, entrepreneur, PR/communications and teacher.

The app introduced the ability to add job and education details in November, and according to a press release, "millions of users have added their job to their profiles".

"Adding your job to your profile is a great way to provide additional insight for potential matches," it writes.

Three months ago, user profiles usually only featured flattering images and listed users' interests and hobbies.

Now that users can also add education and professions to their profiles, Tinder has analysed those most sought after through this category, in efforts to "provide additional insight for potential matches".

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