Dating career woman

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She’ll be a great wife because she’ll tackle home chores just as she does work duties.

She’ll be a great mother because she’ll raise the children to be successful, just like the two of you are.

Successful women aren’t dependent on you, they don’t always need you around to entertain them or validate them.

They have their own careers, their own money, their own friends, and they can manage it all on their own.

I had ennui, though I was still unfamiliar with the word “ennui.” I was supposed to marry a telephone man. My mother was a Midwestern housewife, and I learned her values.

Women who have their own career to focus on are independent in all aspects of their lives.

They understand when you need to work overtime or, conversely, when you need time to yourself, or time with the guys.

They’re intent on doing the best the can in every aspect, and they’ll want that same thing for their partner.

Smart women can help you brainstorm for work projects and keep you on deadlines.

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