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Most of the traditional architecture of Albania gradually disappeared during the 1944-90 Stalinist regime.

The bazaars and old towns of Tirana, and in many other cities, were destroyed, and socialist-style buildings and uniform housing blocks were built in their place, including the Catholic cathedrals in Shkodra and Tirana, which were transformed into a sports hall and movie theatre, respectively.

Results American college students rated higher on all factors.

These results were significant even when comparing romantic attitudes cross-culturally within the same sex.

This is because, l) Albania is old enough (first inhabitants date back to 4th century B.

C) to have its own original culture, 2) it was under the Roman Empire for over three hundred years, and was thus influenced by Western culture, 3) it was under the Ottoman Empire for more than five hundred years, integrating a lot of their traditions in its culture, 4) it is part of the Balkans, and has exchanged some cultural attitudes with its Slavic neighbors, 5) Albania is a country of many religions, where each of them has had influence, and where all of them are accepted and respected and, 6) cross-cultural studies in romantic attitudes in Albania have not been conducted.

Method Two hundred American and Albanian college students filled out a questionnaire that contained the Romantic Attitude Rating Scale (RARS), which was designed by Pederson and Shoemaker (1993) to measure attitudes and beliefs about romantic love (specific words in the RARS that would cause confusion when translated were substituted with other words).

This rating scale consists of 70 items which participants rated on a 5-point Liken scale.

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Although there are significant differences between the two cultural groups, they keep a strong national identity and ethnic culture.Results indicate that Americans are more romantic than Albanians.In addition, Americans are more verbally-oriented in expressing their love, whereas Albanians are more behaviorally-oriented.**********Cross-cultural differences in romantic attitudes are often taken for granted and accepted.The cultural lives of Kosovo’s Albanians and Serbs, although distinctive, bear many resemblances to those of the peoples of Albania and Serbia, respectively.For further information on the cultures of those countries, members often living together in large groups.

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