Dating during custody battle

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Termination of parental rights is only warranted when there has been a situation such as abuse. That's your issue though and you've got to separate it out from what is right for your son.

Can we avoid going to court if he agrees to give me full custody?

To help you further understand some of the issues which come up with such an arrangement, you can read over the following commonly asked questions answered by the legal expert. I am currently going through a divorce and I am concerned about my husband's parenting abilities.

Understanding Sole Custody If I'm granted sole custody, does it mean both physical and legal? He has an addiction to prescription drugs as well as some pain killers.

Yuly's Question: My ex has decided to leave the country and he has agreed to sign an agreement where he gives me SOLE LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY of our 2 year old daughter.

It is rare for the courts to award sole physical and legal custody to a parent, unless the court deems that one parent is unfit.How does my case sound and is my evidence admissible to prove drug dependency?Brette's Answer: The benefits of sole custody are that you do not need to consult with the other parent to make important decisions about the child's life, such as education, medical, religious, etc.One parent may be awarded full legal and physical sole custody rights.One parent may have legal sole custody rights, but share physical custody through a visitation agreement.

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