Dating elkington silver plate

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This means that silver is plated onto a base metal of stainless steel rather than onto nickel silver.

Some Hostess items from the Sheffield factory are now produced in the EPSS version.

Most notably, Queen Victoria allowed for Elkington Silver Company to replicate much of the royal fine china, a convention that was subsequently adopted my many of the reigning royal families throughout Europe.

This is a distinctive honor bestowed upon companies who have supplied members of the royal family with goods or services.

The major practical difference between EPNS and EPSS is that EPNS is much more readily re-plateable in the future when the silver has worn down.

EPSS might not be re-plateable so if you envisage that your cutlery may be suitable for re-plating at some future date, then our advice would be to opt for .

You may be sure that an object bearing this mark is English sterling silver made after 1719.

In addition to the Lion Passant there are other marks which give more information about the sterling silver object.

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