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If you suspect there’s something unusual or distinctively well-made about your piece, go with your gut, Masaschi says, and ask someone who knows.This construction detail is your first key to the piece’s age and quality of craftsmanship.The dovetail joint probably pre-dates written history.Some of the earliest known examples of the dovetail joint are in furniture entombed with mummies dating from First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, as well the tombs of Chinese emperors.

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“But by the time you hit the turn of the 20th century, makers were using paper labels (shown below), which then progressed into brass plaques tacked onto the insides of drawers or on the back of a piece.

If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself.

Older mass-produced pieces whose origins fall somewhere between 18 are ideal candidates for refinishing.

If you’re lucky, a piece will have a marking on it indicating its origin.

Early pieces that were handcrafted will sometimes bear an inscription from an individual furniture maker, a clue to its value that should be examined by a professional appraiser.

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