Dating guys who play video games

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I wouldn’t say that playing video games as an adult is a deal-breaker, as long as it’s a moderate amount.

Women now account for over half of people who play video games, a study has found, driven by the ever-burgeoning app market (and hopefully a little bit less gender stereotyping).

According to The Pew Research Center, think this is true of most games.

One-third thinks some video games are a waste of time while others are not, and 16% are not sure.

Whites (28%), those ages 65 or older (32%), and those with at least a high school diploma (27%) are more likely than others to think most video games are a waste of time.” So why is it mostly men?

There’s no sense in trying to make sense in a world where Donald Trump is a Presidential candidate, so why not escape into a simpler world where you can control your fate via your controller?Granted, these were the days before the internet and Game Stop but a fully functioning NES in its heyday with two controllers, Before long, I was obsessed.I memorized maps, I remembered enemy patterns, I bombed every square inch of Hyrule and Zebes, stomped on every goomba in the Mushroom Kingdom, scoured every corner, and hunted down every last hidden room and secret item.The Cut’s Gabriel Winslow-Yost has a few theories of his own. Even in the most sophisticated there are only about five things you can actually do, and it’s usually some mix of killing things and preparing to kill; half the time it feels like you’re staring at some twitching hybrid of a spreadsheet and a snuff film.If you play too long you end up feeling awful — crampy, grit-eyed, obscurely guilty.

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