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For a period of time the country had been torn apart, which has also left a deep imprint in its culture.Despite this, Armenians have managed to preserve their culture and traditions, as well as their ethnic identity.It revived in the 16th and 17th centuries, but the artistic heights of the 14th century were never achieved again.Today, the tradition still remains, and one can still see khachkar carvers in some parts of since olden days.Armenian manuscripts, beautifully illuminated with miniatures, combine 's literary and illustrative traditions.Christian culture and the invention of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots, so thoroughly expressive of the language that it has withstood the centuries without any essential changes, gave new stimulus to the development of unique cultural traditions.He is the founder of the national composition school.He has created the masterpieces of the Armenian polyphonic vocal music, being the founder and the brightest representative of the musical ethnology.

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Armenian dance is distinct by its vitality, and it used to be that every region or even every village had its own unique dance. Before the Armenian alphabet was developed in the 5th century, Armenian tales were passed down by oral tradition and written in foreign languages.This promoted the steady progress of Armenian architecture. Partev have translated the Bible and the Holy Liturgy, arranged the musical part of the Liturgy and the church ceremonies, and became founders of the Armenian sacred music. was the time of the blossom of the 'tagh' (spiritual hymn) art. Grigor Narekatsi (X c.) and Nerses Shnorhali (XII c.) were the brightest representatives of the style.The sacred music appeared in IV-X cc., after the adoption of Christianity (301). The professional composition school was formed in XIX c.During the more than 2,000 year-old history of Armenia many of these great empires has crossed the country and destroyed the cultural development of Armenia.As a result of these invasions, the culture of Armenia has been influenced and has undergone many changes.

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