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This HBO TV schedule is updated regularly with the most current air dates and premiere dates available anywhere on the web.You’re probably wondering when the new season of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley or Westworld will air, right?A growling figure comes down the corridor and approaches Dean...

Jody breaks into tears and goes to the restroom to clean up.

She thinks that his name is Roderick and they chat back and forth.

Later, Crowley finally says that they both share loss.

Crowley says that he knows Kevin is working with the Winchesters and advises him to give up.

Kevin looks around but Crowley is nowhere to be seen on the boat, and Crowley says that he's in his head.

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    Morse displays his obvious genius in solving intricate murders, including several with opera connections. Morse makes several mistakes in the investigation, but despite his errors, he solves the cases, impressing his superiors. Strange enters into Freemasonry with many of Oxford's elite, and D. Thursday's daughter, Joan, begins to take an interest in Endeavour.

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