Dating inuyasha quiz

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okay so I made hannah a rebal cause then its more interesting when she falls in love buuuuuuut,i'm discontinuing it for 3 reasons.1 i've got some serious writers block.2 since the huge flood my house is wrecked so we have to fix it up a LOT!

3 I know it sounds stupid but i've been readin lots of fanfiction so that and my family fixin our house takes up all my time so yea.

I just can't focus on writing[or reading I've been reading lot's of fandoms lately]anymore.

But to awnser your [Q] thanks,and I made hannah like that so she's pretty much like me[DON' T FIPPIN JUDGE ALRIGHT, UGGHH *flips table and walks away only to come back remembering what was going on before*Ok sorry bout that, hehe I got a bit carried away...]shes also a 'rebel' becaaaaase...[DUN DUN DUN YOU JUST GOT CLIFF HANGERED IN AN AUTHORS NOTE BOOSH SUKA! hey i'm back so i'm taking a small break from it.

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