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They tackle well, maintain gap discipline and rarely blow coverages. Another sign: Virtually all of this unit’s high-drafted athletes have panned out. You have to be a willing and sturdy tackler to play in Mike Zimmer’s secondary. Along those lines, another thing Zimmer does: He drafts cornerbacks high and develops them from bench roles in Years One and Two.

Zimmer’s scheme is heavy in two-high and split-safety coverages, which means the Vikings defend the run with only seven men in the box. Last season, the Vikings took Trae Waynes in the first round.

The scandal has sometimes been referred to as the Love Boat scandal after the television program, or as the Smoot Boat Scandal in the news.

Allegedly, photographs were taken at the party showing people engaging in sexual intercourse.

If Kalil has a decent (and only decent) season, some team will sign him to a rich long-term deal.

That’s vital for filling the double-A-gap blitz responsibilities in Zimmer’s system.


Matt Kalil has tens of millions of dollars riding on this season.

The woman later mentioned that the men were "sitting at Al and Alma's", the name of the charter cruise company that the Vikings players were later alleged to have used for the party.

Stephen Doyle, attorney for the charter company, said some of the sex acts alleged by witnesses to have taken place during the party included, "Masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, woman on man, woman on woman, man on man, toys, double penetration, middle of the floor, middle of the couches, middle of the room." The cleaning crew reported finding "used condoms, K-Y Jelly, Handi Wipes, wrappers for sex toys" and said "it was just incredible how it was left.

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