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I don't think black guys would be very successful in Hungary.

Budapest is fairly cosmopolitan, so maybe a black man might be able to succeed there, but I don't think a black guy would do well outside the capital.

Those people who live in countries which are geographically in Central Europe would much rather be called "Central European." In America, we don't use this term, but Americans generally don't give a shit about foreign cultures and know nothing about geography and history, so this is no surprise.There are more countries to name, but these are the best ones. ( like myself ) then you can imagine the attention you will get from all over the world as a black guy.Black men do not travel as much as whites or Asians so you will be more exotic to other women from other countries. I have done years of research, talking to other black men and local men from each countries above and these countries love black men. my experiences i have been approached by foreign women.Winston, this is one of the reasons why I am on this site. I am going by my experience talking to women from these countries myself and black men that have told me about their success. Denmark and Sweden in particular are the best choices for black men.Black men want to live abroad too and I wanted to share a black male's perspective. Black men get treated differently than whites and Asian men.

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