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Mc Arthur was famous in his former North Antrim home village for his training routine which consisted of racing the narrow gauge railway train.Potchefstroom is home to, inter alia, five tertiary institutions and 30 schools, as well as numerous research bureaus and training centres.The town, founded in 1838 by the Voortrekkers, is the second oldest settlement of people of European descent in the then Transvaal.

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[2] Voting population during 2011 local elections was 85945 according to the IEC ( representing 75% of the adult population which brings the adult population to approx 120,000.Firstly it is said to come from 'Potgieter' 'Chef' 'stroom'.This refers to the Voortrekker leader and town father Andries Potgieter, "chef" being an indication of leader of the voortrekkers and "stroom" referring to the Mooi River.Over 16 and 17 January 1852, the Sand River Convention was signed between Andries Pretorius representing the Boers and Major W. In article 17 of the Constitution of the ZAR of 18 February 1858 (which was accepted in Rustenburg), it was stated that "Potchefstroom, located on the Mooi River, would be the capital of the Republic and that Pretoria would be the seat of government".In May 1860 Potchefstroom became the "chief city" of the Republic, with the capital having moved to Pretoria.

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