Dating science fiction

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Women love Sci-Fi.rather have sci fi than romance any day.... I cant wait to see what you try and blame it on next.which is just as much fiction as the sci fi is imo I dont think ALL women dislike sci fi... So your not getting responses and you think its because you have sci fi as an interest? My guess would be woodworking or boomerang throwing but who knows....I cant see myself going to a convention, but then again if my guy wanted to go I would support it. It changed my way of thought, my religious path, and my entire life.

I tried to get into Lord of the Rings but the more serious fantasy fairy and unicorn stuff just isn't my thing.I'm not sure that I agree with him to that extent, but I have long ago come to the conclusion that women who do not like reading(and I don't mean Cosmopolitan or a Harlequin romance) are not much fun to have a conversation with... I never saw the movie, but I did see Spider Man and Jurassic Park. Do these women that you're talking to know what Science Fiction really is?Steven Spielberg is one of my favorite producers and I'll watch anything he makes. Maybe they have just seen a bunch of alien movies where humans are tied up in spider web material or guns being shot off into space by space travelers.If scifi is one of your favorite interests don't remove it.It's part of who you are and you're not doing yourself any favors by withholding information like that...mainly because if you do meet someone they'll find out about it eventually and isn't better to know upfront then after your involved that's it something they can't handle.

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