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At Northgate End it turns to the east, then to the north, and eventually rejoins the other line of the road to Cambridge. 15) The Fish Row or Market which branched off from High Street lay to the west of the present corn exchange. 16) Continuing to the south was Potters Hill or Potters Cross, (fn.

The town is also connected by road with Farnham to the north-west and Much Hadham to the south-west. 17) otherwise Pultry or Poultry Hill and later the Leather Market.

Bishop's Stortford College is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children; references will be taken prior to interview and an enhanced DBS check is required.

To this end, robust Safeguarding processes and procedures are in place to support families, pupils, staff and volunteers.

In compliance with the sharing of information guidance/best practice, any concerns are passed to designated teachers, trained in Safeguarding.

Stortford (xi–xvi cent.); generally Bishop's Stortford after xvii cent; variants are found such as Storfurde (xvi cent.), (fn. Nearly one half of the area is arable land, permanent grass is rather less than a third, whilst woods and plantations only cover about 160 acres. 4) These returns show a considerable change in proportion since the Domesday extent of the manor, which must have included most of the parish; the return of meadow was for one plough team only and of woodland for 300 swine.

An inclosure award was made for the parish in 1826 under an Act of 1820. 5) The principal common fields were Prestley Field (Prestlaye, 1396; Priestlay, 1656), Hockerill Field, Bishop Field on the east, Apton or Appleton Field on the west, South Mill Field on the south, Broad Field and Common Down on the north. 6) The navigable river Stort flows through the parish from north to south, forming for a little way the north-eastern boundary between Stortford and Birchanger.

The parish is intersected by the road from London to Cambridge which runs north and south, and crossing this from east to west is a road partly coinciding with the Roman Stane Street, which connects Stortford with Great Dunmow on the east and Little Hadham and Braughing on the west, whilst a branch from it to the south runs through Standon to Ermine Street. Glasscock on the east side of the main road from Hockerill to Cambridge, and Roman coins of the Lower Empire have been found in Castle Garden.

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The line of this road now follows a course to the east of the town, passing through Hockerill.

This ford was possibly safer than the ford or bridge further north where the Roman road originally crossed the river, and so the old line of road was abandoned, and a loop line brought south across the second ford.

This, the present road, passes in a westerly direction through the town, where it is called successively Hockerill Street, the Causeway, High Street and Windhill, then turns to the north and rejoins Stane Street to the west of the town.

Many fragments of Roman pottery have been found on the brickfield owned by Mr. Of prehistoric remains there are two palaeolithic implements, the tusk and tooth of found near Potters Street, and the skeleton of a horse attributed to the neolithic period.

Two iron Anglo-Saxon spear heads have also been found. 7) The town of Stortford is situated in the south of the parish on the River Stort.

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