Dating someone with ocd

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Like we'll have a great date and all is well and suddenly he will just suddenly say he has to leave.He said he's not a germaphobe but he will use hand sanitizer or wash his hands right after we fool around and he will not have oral sex at all and I have a feeling it's because he is obsessing about that area of the body. All will be great and then his body will just shut down and he'll shut down too and go to sleep.

However I did notice he had some quirks early on and was a bit **** about things and a little do i get him to understand where i'm coming from when every time i try to bring it up he changes the subject.when he told me he had ocd it was like he forgot he told me and then when i brought it up he wouldn't talk about it.Get in Touch with Them and Have a Great Time Dating!Register for Free and Make Dating a Bit Less Complicated and Much, Much More Fun!

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