Dating the crucifixion nature

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It would have been observed my most of the population of Israel, since the Jews on Passover day would have been looking for sunset to signal the start of the Sabbath, and Moonrise to signal the start of the Passover meal.

Instead of seeing the expected full "paschal moon" they would have seen a full Moon with a large red crescent superimposed upon it.

For an eclipse of the moon, the Earth comes in between the moon and the sun, and so casts a shadow on the full moon. Although in the Earth's shadow, some sunlight still reaches the moon by being refracted (or bent) by the Earth's atmosphere (just like light in a prism).

While travelling through the Earth's atmosphere all the colours that make up white light (the rainbow) except red are easily scattered bythe gasses and dust in the air.

On that day moonrise did not occur until 6.20pm, just after the start of the Sabbath when the Passover feast was to start.

The moon appeared like blood." The phrase "the moon appeared like blood" almost certainly refers to an eclipse of the moon.Then Newton did the calendrical analysis almost exactly as has been done since: determining in which years the crucifixion day, 14 Nisan on the Judean calendar, could have been a Friday . Joseph Smith Foundation Joseph Smith Foundation is an organization focused on supporting and contributing to projects founded in the words of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith advanced a literal interpretation of scripture and confirmation of the truths taught in the Bible.He stated that the Jews deemed the crescent visible “about 18 h after the true conjunction,” which is optimistic even near the spring equinox. He taught that a restoration of the doctrine and Church established and led by Jesus Christ was necessary in the latter days as it was in the former ages of the earth.Passover time was precisely specified in the official Judean calendar.It took place on the 14th day of the Jewish month that straddles our March and April.

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