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Preferably, so in the pocket of a young man lying not only money, but and salt, ember, a piece of bread or a flask of whiskey. This custom originally arose, as a reaction to the abundance of sweet berries in the early last century.

10 unusual traditions of different countries in the New year By The Way, they eat one for each chime..

People believe, what is the act protects them from the troubles of the past year.New year — a magical holiday, unites the world in a single the holiday rush.What to say about the traditions of its inhabitants, which are so different among themselves.Sadness, for leaving summer fun behind, nerves for the new adventure and excitement to see what this new bright year will bring.Here we have collected 6 of the strangest traditions in different countries that exemplify how significant this day is and celebrate it in all its glory. In tiendeo's blog we don't only publish on offers or catalogs.

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