Documents required for validating the caste certificate

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This certificate allows the holder to receive numerous benefits from the Government like jobs and job promotions in Government Organizations, etc.School leaving Certificate of Parent or Guardian -(e.g.

documents required for validating the caste certificate-51

Also the woman who married with the state living citizen needs the following documents to apply for caste certificate of Maharashtra: The applicants also need to get the affidavit of through the metropolitan magistrate or you also can the stamp of Rs. Now if you collected all the documents as per the mention above proceed to the next step to get the application form.A website is giving the application form to download which gives you form in PDF mode.The caste certificate is available for the following given types of citizens in state.In the end of application form you have to attach the photo of witness along with his / her name, address, and signature.After filling the application form you need to submit it in office address.

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