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They are non-polluting, environment friendly, convenient, less time-consuming, and cheap mode of transport.

Cycle-rickshaws are available for travelling smaller distances, as a preferred commute.

Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) one of the largest industrial unit of the state, one of the integrated Steel plants of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is situated here.

The pioneer in the production of alloy and special steels Alloy Steel Plant (ASP) another Unit of SAIL, is located here.

Out of 5,66,517 people living in Durgapur (Municipal Corporation); 5,19,122 are Hindus (91.63%), 35,923 are Muslims (6.34%), 1889 are Christians (0.36%), 2346 are Sikhs (0.44%), 513 are Buddhists, 382 are Jains, 906 are other religions and 5436 (1.04%) did not state their religion.

Durgapur is the preferred gateway to the districts of Bankura, Birbhum ( Bolpur , Kirnahar , Suri ), and Purulia, which are not that well connected.

The airport is roughly 15 kilometres from Durgapur's City Centre.

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The entire area is believed to be the part of LOWER GONDWANA LAND and anthropological as well as archeological research has turned up evidence that the landmass once was a seabed, as suggested by marine fossils. Earlier, some of the excavations at Pandu Rajar Dhibi, on the banks of the Ajay, just beyond Durgapur but in Bardhaman district, revealed traces of a civilisation possibly linked with the Indus Valley Civilisation.

There are signs of both prehistoric and later civilizations beginning from Paleolithic to advanced copper ages. These are important historical finds and are yet to be fully explored.

Various artifacts such as chisels, terra-cotta walls, foundations, copper bracelets and in particular, a stone seal signifies that a thriving civilization existed here between 3500B. Historical evidence and folklore has created interesting amalgamations here.

It happens to be one of the very few cities that have an Asian Highway (AH) passing directly through the city jurisdiction.

The AH1 links Japan with Turkey, through Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

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