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Girlfriend leads Phantom Limb to order his Guild forces to eliminate the Ventures. Venture to clone 24 back to life, despite the fact he would not be the same, and offers his copy of Marvel Comics #1 as collateral, valued at 0,000, with the value's drop indicative of the timeframe of the otherwise disjointed plotlines. While Orpheus kills the Nazis, Hitler finds his way to Hank.Brock rushes to the rescue and gets him to call off the attack, while Kim expresses interest in Dr. The Venture family is captured in Ünderland by Baron Ünderbheit, who mistakes Dean for a girl and plans to marry him. Venture, Hank, and Brock are freed by the Ünderground, a resistance movement led by Catclops and Girl Hitler. once more and hired as the Ventures' new bodyguard. At the same time, Venture is hired by a group of "fake" Nazis to clone Hitler from a bulldog containing the man's spirit. Brock appears, with the same magic dagger, and kills Hitler, while telling Hank that no one can know he is back.Girlfriend are meeting with The Monarch and a girl he met online to discuss The Monarch's re-entry into the Guild of Calamitous Intent. While attempting to infiltrate the compound, he comes across a SPHINX agent, even though the O. When he comes to, Brock begins to realize what happened with all the events leading up to the battle and discovers that Hunter Gathers is no longer a woman and has reformed SPHINX.The rivalry between The Monarch and Phantom Limb over Dr. In a parallel storyline, Henchman 21, having formed a LARP group, commissions Dr. P.e R in his new walking eye body, tells Dean to kill Hitler with a magic dagger, but Dean refuses, and Hitler escapes.With the help of Jonas Jr., the former pirate captain, and Sally Impossible, the Ventures must overcome a drug-addicted Jonny Quest and the interference of Professor Impossible to assemble the device in time.Hank and Dean go on a double date with Triana and her friend Kim, at the same restaurant where Phantom Limb and Dr. P.e R back to the Venture compound before going to see Steve Rogers and Sasquatch to recuperate after surgery before staging an attack on the Black Heart Assassins. defeated SPHINX in the 80s, while interrupting a meeting between Molotov and Gathers, disrupting a SPHINX operation.

Hank becomes enamored with Molotov and tries to kill his father after accidentally drugging himself. Orpheus is unable to shrink himself despite consultation with his otherworldly Master.

The UN rejects the invention when it turns out to be a death ray, but the army offers to buy it. mount a rescue to save the boys, whose kidneys the doctor requires to replace his own. Hank and Dean become convinced that Gargantua-1 is haunted by a "phantom spaceman", while Dr. Hank and Dean are abducted and brainwashed by the Orange County Liberation Front, who seek to overthrow Brisby and his Brisbyland park.

The ninja is caught and turns out to have a sexual fetish for advanced technology. The Venture family travels to the orbital space station Gargantua-1, built in the 1970s by Dr. Venture discovers that the problem with the station is his own fault. Brock teams up with his old acquaintance, the mercenary Molotov Cocktease, to rescue the Ventures.

They mount a rescue for Dean but are too late to prevent the wedding. Sergeant Hatred is administered a chemical before being re-recruited into O. Brock makes his way to Macaronesia to see the doctor who operated on Gathers to remove H. In the end, Hank, now with longer hair and wearing Brock's old jacket, and Sergeant Hatred hold up sniping positions to save Dr. The Monarch attempts to hold Hank and Dean for ransom, but his plan is foiled by the arrival of Monarch's old enemy Captain Sunshine, who takes Hank away before the Monarch's plans can come to fruition.

However, when Dean's sex is revealed, Ünderbheit is arrested for violating his own law against same-sex marriage and is exiled from Ünderland, which becomes a democracy. Orpheus for an arch-nemesis, prompting him to reform his old team, the Order of the Triad, with Jefferson Twilight and The Alchemist. Hank, who is upset at his father and claims he has no father, is recruited by Captain Sunshine to be his new Wonder Boy.

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