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Everyone has stuff that they’ve been through that makes up whatever fire it is that they have in their gut, but nobody goes around wearing that as their outmost exterior, all the time.

A good person steps up to the plate and says, “This is a child, and I need to take care of this child,” and then does it. And also, I feel like, as an adult, a lot of how you feel about yourself and what your inner workings are can be revealed in a sexual situation. How do you feel about doing love scenes with Justin Chatwin? Did you guys do anything to break the ice, prior to your first sex scene together? ROSSUM: I really like a scene in Episode 2 where Steve (Justin Chatwin) messes up and Fiona slugs him. Can you relate to Fiona’s need to take care of everybody?

My parents were never married, and I was teased in school and called a bastard,' she revealed.

'So the idea of marriage as safety forever was idealized in my head, and we rushed into it.'Emmy said: 'I once found a guy I was dating dirty-texting another woman and I completely lost my shit. I won’t even give guys my number, because I know me.

'I'm not Fiona': Emmy Rossum showed off her super-fit body in a cover shoot for October's Cosmopolitan as she revealed that when she's on a first date some guys expect her to be loose like her character in Shameless The beautiful brunette said: 'I feel like on the first date with a guy he’ll think I’m easy (like Fiona), and that’s so disconcerting.

It’s not like I haven’t had sex on the first date, but that ended up in a two-year relationship.' 'Honestly, I was so young, I don’t think I knew what marriage meant.

While at the Showtime portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, actress Emmy Rossum talked about what attracted her to this television series, what she loves most about her character Fiona, making sex scenes fun and not taking them too seriously, and how much she enjoys being able to do and say just about anything on this show. ” That is the basis of human existence, and they have that. ROSSUM: No, there are definitely pay-offs and new people that come in and help and allies that they gain. We’re almost done shooting the first season, so I hope the audiences will embrace us and we’ll get to do more.

Check out what she had to say after the jump: Question: What attracted you to this role and why did you decide to take it, at this time in your career? Definitely, super-positive stuff is going to happen, but shit happens too. I don’t even know what her dreams are because I don’t think that she has time to think about what they would be, and she’s sacrificed so much that, when she actually goes into a real work place, having maybe completed high school and definitely not having a college education, her options are very limited. We’ll see her working in a Hooters sports bar type of place too, that’s pretty demeaning. ROSSUM: Oh, yeah, just because of the license that we get to really just say anything and do anything. And then, I’m just trying to be fluid with it and see what happens and what opportunities come up.

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This year, after the loss of her boyfriend Jimmy (Justin Chatwin), who is presumably dead, Rossum will be returning to the dating world again, which means more sex scenes, which means more nudity, which means more questions from reporters about her nudity.

TVLINE They’ve never fully been committed to each other — it’s always been one foot in, one foot out — so even if they do start communicating and having some sort of healthy relationship — which will never happen because then there would be no show [] — it will be interesting to see where their dynamic goes.

I think a lot of their connection has been charged through the excitement and the sexual chemistry and the obstacles.

I personally can’t even see what other obstacles you could come up with, but then again I didn’t see them coming up with the obstacle of a Brazillian wife, and you know, importing someone to the States in a crate.

TVLINE [Executive producer] John [Wells] took his time with the episode; he said to “breathe, walk, feel and discover” in all the scenes, which is different.

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