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3) According to the author, why is speed dating important in China?

4) How has western society changed, morally, for the author? His girlfriend has dominated his life and you’re sick of it.

Morally speaking, Western society seems to be becoming increasingly promiscuous.

One-night stands and flings are becoming commonplace.

This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by Meghann Artes and the theme of speed-dating.

In the lesson students talk about meeting a partner and dating, watch a short film, and read and discuss speed-dating questions.

Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2) Learner type: Teens and adults Time: 90 minutes Activity: Talking about meeting a partner and dating, watching a short film, reading and discussing questions Topic: Speed-dating Language: Questions and vocabulary related to dating Materials: Short film and speed-dating questions Downloadable materials: speed dating lesson instructions speed dating questions Film English remains ad-free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain.

If you had her number, you could gather yourguts and phone her on her family’s telephone line, but you’d have to get through her father (or mother) just to talk to her.

section below if you wish) 1) Do you think it is okay to date a co-worker? 4) What are the pros and cons of going out with an older woman (or man)?

2) Jealousy: is it possible to control this emotion?

Step 15 Hold a plenary session on the best 10 questions.

Film English remains ad-free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain.

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