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While he ultimately cooled off at the end of his stint with the Jets, he showed off enough to be named to yet another big stage.


‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s mother, Ásíyyih Khánum, who was known as Navváb, came from a noble family of Mazandaran.Hellebuyck’s first season with the Jets wasn’t perfect by any means.Toward the end especially it looked like the heavy load he was being asked to shoulder in his first season was starting to weigh on him, and he was pulled from the net early in one game too many.Could the World Cup be just the thing he needs to give a huge second NHL season a jump?All this positivity might make some fans sick to their stomach, especially as the Jets season unravels before their eyes and continues its slow descent into lottery territory, and we’ll get back to reality soon, but Hellebuyck’s season is worth a little fawning.

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