Gemini best dating match

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Aquarius: Cancer feels with their heart and Aquarius thinks with their head.

Nothing is impossible, but there are challenges between these two signs.

Rarely do these two attract each other, but of course, nothing is out of the realms of possibility. There is always something to keep them interested, and hardly a cross word. Cancer: Generally, values are different for these two, which can exclude a passionate lifetime connection.

They love entertaining, setting up home, shopping andanything luxury.

Leo is clearly the boss, but Cancer will often have the last say. Virgo: When there is love and attraction, this is an extremely solid relationship.

Both have strong values and do not take their commitments and responsibilities lightly.

But there is romance and passion, which can keep them coming back to each other.

Gemini: There are challenges as Aries is a doer, and Gemini is a thinker. Aries shoot from the hip and Libra looks atall sides. Scorpio: Passion, and straight forwardness,there is a mutual love and respect. Sagittarius: These two fire signs are like love-magnets. Pisces: Aries can be too rash for sensitive Pisces.

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