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It's actually Giuliana, Bill and Duke.” host be returning with a new show, but she would be doing so with her husband and adorable son.This isn’t her first foray into reality television as her previous show Giuliana and Bill ran for seven seasons, and documented their long distance relationship and attempts to create a family.We're okay just opening up our lives, and we feel like as long as people can relate to us and they enjoy watching us, maybe they get a little takeaway from our show, we're really happy to put it out there. Your Tango: What else do you do for each other to show your love?We just feel at the end of the day, we have this unbelievable platform — Bill with the shows he does and me with the shows I do. Giuliana Rancic: We always check in with each other a couple of times a week; the idea is to get anything that's brewing off your chest, but it's not just about airing the bad stuff and what's bothering you but also what's making you happy.Bill wasn't thrilled with the cameras when they began shooting their Style Network reality show, After eventually settling in with the cameras, the pair was dealt another blow: Giuliana's miscarriage at nine weeks pregnant in 2010."Bill, hand me the f***ing wand, I'll find the baby!" she says she snapped when a nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat.

"You are not only my husband, but you're also my best friend, confidante and partner in crime," she writes in the book's acknowledgments.

News anchor and red-carpet host, revealed last year that she had breast cancer, news that was covered on their Style show as well. “Knock on wood, she’s done with surgery.” Since it launched five seasons ago, “Giuliana & Bill” has been different from most reality series in that it presents a fairly normal married life.

Bill recalls how, when the show was starting, he said it would be a series “that makes marriage cool again.” Through it all, they’ve bared their efforts to have children, suffered a miscarriage, had fertility treatments and then faced cancer. If some woman goes and gets checked early, that’s a pretty cool thing.” Balancing the series work load, he says, is not a challenge because the cycles are staggered.

News' host reveals about son Duke and having another child. It was on the third IVF cycle that I found that I had breast cancer, which was obviously a very scary time.

Juggling a busy career and motherhood is challenging enough, but add infertility, miscarriage, and breast cancer to the mix and the difficulty escalates astronomically. This time around, the parents of Duke, 17 months, are hoping to have another baby, and here she opens up about that, her marriage, and living life on camera. So when Duke finally came along a year after my diagnosis, through a surrogate, it was an incredible day. We just say to each other, "We're together the rest of our lives.

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