Grad student dating freshman

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And is he embarrassed for his friends to meet the girl if she's an undergrad? By grad school, the sketchiness and mockery previously attached to dating a younger girl has finally worn off.

Guys all used to question that guy in college dating a 17-year-old and even rip holes in that college senior dating a mere freshman. Once guys break into grad school, all undergraduates are not only fair game, but highly sought after.

The Amherst College Sexual Misconduct and Oversight Committee noted a troubling pattern in which “sophomore, junior, and senior men” engage in “predatory behavior with respect to first-year women.” This pattern is the imbalance’s most dire form.

A senior exploits the imbalance of power to his own benefit.

He’s had three years to figure out who he is and how he fits into the culture of Amherst.

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A room of swarming 19-year-olds all steaming with drunk sexual tension is not going to win his heart.I also hold open the possibility that a senior and a freshman are, in some non-cosmic sense, “meant” for each other: that their compatibility transcends the senior-freshman problematics. I refuse to believe that the exceedingly large number of senior boy-freshman girl hook-ups is due to interpersonal chemistry.I do not accept that “Cougar Formal”—the annual senior girl-freshman boy drunken invitational—is the result of genuine person-to-person connections. But I suspect in both cases less noble intentions are in play, and that worries me, and it should worry you.Imagine the feeling you get when you think of Cougar Formal, then imagine it reverse: the “Silver Fox” formal, where senior boys get drunk with freshman girls. We are skeptical that healthy sexual interactions can be built on crooked foundations. In the rest of cases, the imbalances lurk under the surface, invisible but nonetheless menacing. You might remember me from my college days as HC's Real Live College Guy, where I advised on picking up college guys, detecting cheaters, and what never to talk about with a guy among many other pressing college guy-related issues. Though love and law are feared by everyone, I'll put down the memo pad for a moment to continue sharing my wisdom to help collegiettes™ everywhere with slightly older guys and their love life (not legal) dilemmas. Is it sketchy for a grad student to date an undergrad? If they like the girl, are they still sort of embarrassed that she's an undergrad, or do they not care?

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