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Sharing this information will help us identify and track down the criminals who are callously attempting to capitalise on people who are simply searching for love.”* 9 months to 31 December 2014** 9 months to 31 December 2013Read more on the Get Safe Online website.Please note: Action Fraud is not responsible for the content on external websites.In terms of online daters, the male to female ratio on most sites is around the mark and the number of older daters (50 ) has become a real growth market.

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Get Safe Online and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau recently released new figures highlighting that online dating fraud in the UK costs £24.5 million per year, with over 2,800 online dating related crimes being reported to the police in 2013 alone.If you’re in two minds always consult with a trusted friend or family member who will be able to view the situation objectively and provide some sound advice.It is also very important that if you think you are being targeted or have been a victim of dating fraud that you report it to Action Fraud.The figures also demonstrate exactly how and where fraudsters are choosing to exploit their victims.54% of fraud sufferers paid by money transfer (E.g.

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