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I just would have likely dismissed it rather quickly.But Howard is hallowed ground—for me and for a lot of Black people.Football," a Taylor Swift-esque ballad about…you guessed it, a football player. Parker's voice is not my personal cup of tea and it's safe to say we won't speak of her as part of Howard's Donny Hathaway/Roberta Flack musical continuum.The lyrics are SNL-skit worthy ("He runs back to me/runs back to me, runs back to me…" Get it? That's not a crime so much as it's a sign of the times and the current American musical landscape. However, the video (and the sheer existence) of "Mr.I'm unable to forget centuries of 'big Black buck' propaganda or the words of certain White women whose interest in Black men is centered around a fetish for just that.I refuse to act as if the number of professional athletes who date and marry non-Black women is some sort of grand coincidence.

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Or to make a statement about some sort of 'new' Howard culture.

Football" would be without kids sitting in the dorms talking about it.

I came to Howard in 2002 and I am certain that this would have been fodder for some heated debates on The Yard, in the student newspaper and in some of our classrooms—the sort of debates that made our college experience so valuable.

Jillian Parker is a recent graduate of my alma mater, Howard University.

She is also a singer who just released the video for her song, "Mr.

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