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Nickolaus Bauer is the Mail & Guardian's jack of all trades news reporter that chases down stories ranging from politics and sports to big business and social justice.Armed with an i Pad, SLR camera, camcorder and dictaphone, he aims to fight ignorance and pessimism through written words, photographs and videos.Cornet: For me, the kind of response that I get on the street.I strongly believe that acting is a make-believe game so it was a shock to me to know that a lot of young people believe I'm of that age and that some of Tbose's storylines actually effect me as Cornet.I'm not sure if they look up to Cornet or Tbose. Tashi: Is she the only girlfriend you've ever had? I look into the future and I believe looks can go or it comes to a point where looks don't matter and you're just stuck with that person so if that's the case then you will have to have somebody you can relate to.*laughs* I'm battling to understand if they really love the guy playing Tbose or if they love Tbose. Cornet: They call me Tbose and some call me Cornet but those are the people that are very conscious of the credits. Cornet: I've had girlfriends before - she just happens to be one? Somebody you can love, somebody you can have nice and bad moments with. Tashi: How would you say your life has impacted on your acting?It's a first time and people have appreciated it immediately.

Cornet's favourite movie is The Pursuit of Happyness, his favourite actor is Phillip Tipo Thindisa and best TV show is Death of a Queen. Cornet's biggest dream is to be recognised as an international performing arts practitioner for theatre and screen.

Cornet grew up with his grandmother, uncles and aunts. He moved to Johannesburg in 2004 to stay with his parents.

Aubrey Sekhabi is Cornet's inspiration as "he is a very creative and intelligent playwright and director.

I'm from a family that sees Joburg as - I hope this doesn't offend people - but it's not a home to us.

It's a place where we come to work and home is Limpopo, you know what I'm saying?

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