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Tell us CDL readers, do you think Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage will end by the end of the year?Is Nicole Kidman refusing to be honest about her failed marriage while Keith Urban continues to talk about their troubled relationship?

Nicole Kidman’s red carpet appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival is fueling rumors about the state of her marriage to Keith Urban.Přes milión každý den uskutečněných kontaktů mezi skutečnými lidmi na Twoo.Ať už si chceš zachatovat, sdílet fotky nebo někoho poznat - Twoo je plné fascinujících lidí! Tým lidí z Twoo je odhodlaný ti zprostředkovat kontakt se skutečnými lidmi.The image-conscious couple has always been very careful about portraying her happy life and marriage to the media without revealing exactly what goes on behind closed doors.Yet, her husband, country music singer Keith Urban, is refusing to play her games.

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