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Maybe you feel your man lacks confidence, and would never have the courage to do it himself. I support all these reasons, but but before you drop to one knee remember two things, ask yourself why you want to get married, and also please make sure you’re not planning to drop to one knee simply because you’re tired of waiting for him to do it, I urge caution!As I said before, it’s important to have discussed marriage before you propose, and to have listened carefully to what your partner said.This February 29th, are you thinking of popping the big question to your man?Well, look before you leap, with relationship expert Kate Taylor’s guide to the perfect proposal plan.You’re bucking the trend by being the one to propose to him, and he might feel uncomfortable sharing that with other people. In general, I’d advise you to propose when you’re engaged in an activity with your partner: walking somewhere beautiful, on holiday, on the side of a ski slope, cooking… Action stimulates and focuses the male mind, and a holiday when you’re both relaxed and enjoying spending time together is the perfect time and place.Keep the proposal fun, light-hearted and flirtatious.

These services allow their users to provide information about themselves in a short profile which is either stored in their phones as a dating ID or as a username on the mobile dating site.

” and hang it on a tree in a favourite walking spot, give him a map and a compass and leave him to find it (be waiting behind the tree to surprise him.) If he’s a wine connoisseur, print a proposal label onto a bottle of wine and book a wine-tasting tour, arranging with the owner beforehand that they’ll bring this bottle out at the end. Instead of a ring, create a romantic proposal memento that he can keep forever. They could well be practical ones: perhaps he doesn’t feel that the two of you are financially secure enough to marry, or perhaps he feels that you need to have some big conversations about the future and your combined goals first.

You can get anything engraved, so buy him something personal to him (a key ring, cufflinks, a silver photo frame, a special pen, the back of an i Pod with all his favourite albums on it) and have it inscribed with your names and the date you asked him to be your husband. If that’s true, then work together to set a date when you can get engaged.

They can then search for other IDs online or by calling a certain phone number dictated by the service.

The criteria include age, gender and sexual preference.

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