Lesbiens dating transsexual women

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Quite a few were bullied, abused, or even raped by males.

Their fathers were often abusive and never tried to understand them.

So years of testosterone may cause them to have more interest in women compared to other women.

Then there is the fact that many transsexual women tried everything to try to fit in as men.

She says it’s important for partners to become educated about the process and to get support.

You may question your own identity When you are dating someone who comes out as transgender or transsexual, you will be forced to look at your own identity.

It may mean redefining your own sexual orientation.

They were forced to associate with males and saw the cruel things the boys and men did around them.

They often didn't fit in because they would not join in on the sexist jokes, the bullying, the assaults on weaker persons, and the attempts to coerce women into bed. They also read of all the reports of transsexual women who were murdered by men, and even the ones with affections for men decide it is unsafe to act upon them, so they settle for dating women.

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