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The second show, which followed Riot, had a 1.0 household rating, with a 0.4 for viewers 18-49.

ITV2 broadcast the first and second shows on the same night (June 4, 2014) and the first show drew 286,000 viewers (1.2%) from 9pm-10pm, while the second show drew 274,000 viewers (1.7%) from 10pm to 11pm.

Visconti Rory poisons Amanda after she refuses to give him a share of the agency.

Kyle discovers the couple's secret honeymoon location.

He had previously done some very small-scale impersonations of Prince Harry, but otherwise had no prior acting experience.Rory tries to stab Kyle, but falls on the knife during the scuffle and dies. Lexi learns that her father set her up to take the fall in an embezzlement scheme.She will go to prison unless she can come up with five million dollars.Before filming began, Hicks had his natural blond hair dyed red to match Prince Harry's hair colour, and was given brief training in "princely" activities he would need for the show, such as horseback riding, fencing and ballroom dancing.Hicks was also taught extensive information about Prince Harry, to help Hicks be able to respond to contestants appropriately.

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    To be fair, between the ages of 18 and 20 Radcliffe did almost go off the rails, drinking himself into blackouts, having casual sex and – on occasions – turning up for work on the set of his latest Potter movie while still under the influence.

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