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They auto renewed me and when I called regarding this charge the next business day, they refused to refund me my full amount.

Instead they said they would give me a "one time courtesy" refund of 30%.

I highly recommend that you not do business with this company.

Use another site or cancel the credit card that you're using to stop using this site's services. I subscribed with for 30 days however on 1/17 I went online and cancelled my subscription (renewal date was set for 2/06).

I spend most of my time apologizing to members that have received false emails from my account, 60 a day according to Match. In September of 2015 I subscribed to Match for one month. I got talked into a 6 month membership and checked my bank account 3 months in and noticed they had taken .35 without my consent. The site itself is good and works as it is created.Their advertising on tv or radio is BS and just make a lot people feel rejected or ignored. In the past three months I averaged five responses on the other site to every one response on Match. I decided to cancel Match and followed their instructions until the process was completed on their website.However I did not receive an email confirming this but then I wasn't really looking for one not knowing I had to have it.The first CSR stated it was more than likely a tech issue and it didn't go through but policy states they can't provide refunds for any reason lol. You get 12 "matches" a day and each day the number of selected matches that do not have a profile set up or any pics is at least 1/4 of the "perfect matches". After two weeks I could see that this was a horrible waste of money. Please don't get involved with, they're just another bullying big company preying on the likes of you and me. I tried both within the app and by visiting the website. I informed I didn't want my account to be renewed and wished to cancel.So it's their fault but they will not take responsibility for it. And they were ineffectual in what they purport to do. The representative informed it was too late to do so. I asked to speak to a supervisor or management and was told this was not possible.

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