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“You might have someone who’s super cute in terms of photogenic qualities but then you talk to them and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, this person is super boring.’ Or kind of racist. And immediately they become less attractive to you.” “In no other circumstance would you choose any kind of relationship based just on a photo,” she says. So why is it in this one realm — which is a place where we like physical intimacy and a certain kind of vulnerability — we’re like, ‘Yeah, that photo was hot.’ And then that’s it.” And while Meat Face clearly has a bigger social mission attached, Lee also hopes that people get that it’s also funny.

As online dating becomes more normal, and less desperate, we will feel less incentivized to segregate our online romantic dealings from our digital business connections and social spaces.That tall blond girl who worked there sure was cute, but she was sort of mean!Now that blond girl is prominently featured on the pages of, pensively biting a manicured finger while lounging across an unmade bed in her nightie under the moniker “sweet ‘n’ dirty.” So how did everything change so quickly, and why have people begun peddling themselves so shamelessly online?Tinder requires users to login through Facebook, which unfortunately only increases Mark Zuckerberg's creeping command over all online spaces.But it fortunately means that the dudes and ladies you’re meeting through the app are representing themselves roughly similarly to how they’re doing so on more public forms of social media.

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