Men online dating profile tips

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Way too many people write exactly the same things on their profiles.

So much so that a discussion about it has been started on Advice. No more “I live life to the fullest,” “I like to paint the town red,” “I’m drama free,” “I like to take things slow,” or “I’m looking for my best friend.” Try and show a little originality.

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There is an old adage that rings true, “If you can get her to laugh, you’ve got her for life.” We want someone to make us chuckle, someone we can have fun with.

If you are looking at a guy’s profile, and there is something that concerns you, instead of just closing the match, why not reach out and ask a question? There is no magic formula to this, so adjusting expectations and settling into the journey with a patient mindset will make the process a more positive one.

If a man makes no mention about pets, and you are in love with dogs, instead of assuming he doesn’t like them, ask him. If a match doesn't get back to you immediately, instead of assuming they aren't into you, keep an open mind and have faith that everything will happen as it should. Our visual counterparts want to check you out…that is a reality!

I need to know a guy I am checking out is intelligent and literary.

The women who don’t care about sentence structure are probably not too bright themselves.

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