Men quitting dating

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As a result, we now have women engaging in lesbianized third-wave feminism.In this most recent wave, we have women who throw tampons and condoms at government buildings or show up angry and bare-breasted in order to protest for the right to kill their own children.If their parents don’t refuse being a host to this parasitic nature, then they’re in for a very rough time in their final years of life, when they need the support of an adult child who doesn’t know how to give it, but only how to take it.When these parents are dead, their adult children will turn on others and self-destruct, not knowing how to cope with reality apart from their host. So, if you have a young adult son who won’t leave the nest, do everyone a favor and push him out as ‘unloving’ as you and he might think that is.These disappointments and struggles gave me priceless life lessons, which I wouldn’t have learned any other way.

When young adults forego this inner work, then they become parasitic to their parents by default.Consider, for example, a friend of mine who is an ex-feminist.In her 20s and 30s she was having fun, living the single life, and not concerned with marriage or children.Now, she feels deeply regretful for allowing herself to be duped by the feminist movement.Will today’s young men who opt out of relationships suffer the same fate?

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