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Sold in 120 countries worldwide, the hit sitcom Life with Derek is a live-action half-hour comedy series about a modern blended family.Blending two families is never easy and, when two self-absorbed teenagers and three younger siblings from two very different families are involved, major conflict is guaranteed.On January 13th and 14th, Emily Grace Reaves (10), Joey Luthman (14), Matthew Timmons (18), and Zach Gilford (28) celebrate birthdays.t if you ant to look like a movie star .....walk around in sunglasses 24/7 and buy clothes that bring out the color in in your eyes and you'll look fabulous!!!Aussie singing sensation Cody Simpson celebrates his 14th on Tuesday, January 11.British singer, designer and actress Pixie Lott turns 20 on January 12!So, when ultra-organized 15-year old Casey (Ashley Leggat) and her younger sister Lizzie (Jordan Todosey) move in with selfish and demanding Derek (Michael Seater), his younger brother Edwin (Daniel Magder), and their tantrum prone youngest sister Marti (Ariel Waller), space, privacy, and dealing with change quickly become serious challenges.

Well, for one thing, Derek still seems uncomfortable with Casey dating his best friend, Sam. She's not totally on board with Derek's decision to ask out her best friend, Emily.The family home becomes a battleground in this hilarious first season of the award-winning Disney Channel series, which co-stars Jordan Todosey and Daniel Magder.As the second season of this hit Disney Channel series unfolds, newly minted stepsiblings Derek Venturi (Michael Seater) and Casey Mac Donald (Ashley Leggat) have been living together for about a year.Miley‘s younger sister Noah celebrated her 11th birthday on January 9th, along with Rachel Lampa (25) and Genevieve Cortese (30).On Sunday (January 9), Ashley Argota turned 18 and Nina Dobrev turned 22 in an Atlanta snowstorm! Today (January 10), wolf Alex Meraz turned 26 and Kaitlyn Maher turned 7!

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