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• Rocky Carroll and Michael Weatherly were born exactly five years apart.

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Michael Weatherly’s father cut him off from his inheritance when he decided to pursue acting. For that look too on our planed event "Fans honor Tiva" We will give you all information about.The central page for this will be the FB groupe https:// Tomorrow on Saturday we will post all neccessairy for this Tuesday.• Timothy Mc Gee uses the pseudonym Thom E Gemcity for his novel ‘Deep Six’. • The team frequently issues BOLOs for people – this stands for ‘Be On Look Out’ • Gibbs and his team frequently talk about “Local LEO’s”. • MTAC stands for the Multiple Threat Alert Center.Previously the Antiterrorist Alert Center (ATAC), it was changed in 2002 in response to it’s expanding role after the terrorist bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen and attacks of September 11th, 2001.

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