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We are the only department on campus with a graduate program, thus, we are the only department that operates at full capacity 12 months out of the year.With only three other faculty, two staff assistants, and an educational coordinator to meet, I quickly settled into our “department” (it’s actually in a house with a full kitchen, living room, dining-room-turned classroom, and bathroom).I chose my current position because I value teaching over research.I love interacting with students, creating new courses, and basically anything related to pedagogy.I was worried my colleagues would be upset or angry, but they’ve been supportive and understanding of my need to prioritize myself over the students for at least one summer. I have strong relationships with my colleagues, I miss them on breaks, and am proud of the work we accomplish together.Every member of my department wrote strong letters in support of my third-year review and were of great comfort when I experienced a death during my busiest teaching summer.Form a research and writing group with faculty from other departments. Prepare your documents, meet with your chair, and ask for advice on ways to improve.When a department’s workload is spread across just four people, it’s not always realistic to expect the same type of mentorship that’s available in larger departments. Despite what I said about being active, you have to know when enough is enough.

The third party Grindr app – Meet’m for Windows Phones has finally been shut down by the eponymous service it piggybacks off of.—– I’m from a family of four — just me, my brother, my mom, and my dad.Growing up, we each had a role we played in the family and, importantly, those roles complemented one another.So for those of you who are (or may soon be) newcomers in a similarly cozy professional family, here is my advice for how to thrive in a small department. You have to figure out the family dynamics before you can carve out your place. After assessing the needs of the department I became the “urban education expert.” The point is: Don’t be stagnant in your professional development.It became clear within a month of my arrival that — as the most junior person, who also happened to be under age 30 — I was tasked with freshening the department. months prior, and being engrossed in the literature and still excited to attend conferences, I was happy to assume that role. Once I’d helped the department revise the curriculum, craft a new position for a teacher-preparation director, and create a new major, I was fresh out of innovation. Become who you need to be to be professionally successful.

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