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There is the giant Cement Paste producing snail, Achatina; the nocturnal two-legged Megalosaurus carnivore; the Triceratops cousin, Pachyrhinosaurus; and the cowardly lizard, Moschops.

The oft-delayed Breeding Phase 3 also finally arrived with this update.

Update: The 748.2 patch was able to get through Microsoft’s certification quickly and is now downloadable. It’s important to note PGMs are still being developed by Studio Wildcard.

Perhaps just as welcoming, it a stability fix to address crashing to the dashboard, the addition of Procedurally Generated ARKs, revamped caves for The Island, and four new dinosaurs. Studio Wildcard Community Manager Jat announced an issue with Primitive Plus for this Xbox One patch via .

The 748.2 update will be released Monday, and the official total conversion mod will not work work at all until that patch goes live.

Studio Wildcard has taken all official Primitive Plus servers offline to ensure no progress has been lost. Expect more to become available in future updates, but they do include Gamerscore points for things like riding a Giga, reaching the maximum Survivor level, defeating the game’s bosses, collecting all the Dino Dossiers, and reaching the highest point on a map. It required additional work and testing to get it on the Xbox One, but Studio Wildcard plans to mix up the Extinction servers by using PGMs to create a new map every time the server refreshes at the end of a month.

Responses have a 30 second cooldown Creates a number-selection based giveaway with numbers from 1 - max.

Duration is an optional value in seconds after which the giveaway will stop.

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