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While it was just my experience, and relationships are obviously different for everyone and you need to make your own choices, I feel that the main reason our relationship didn't work out was because of his being away a lot so much in the beginning cuz of the military that we didn't get to know each other and we got caught up in the whole romanticness of it all.When things ended I honestly took this the hardest of any break up I have ever encountered.If he's on an SSN (the fast attack boats) they could be gone for months at a time, on missions so highly classified that he can't (and won't) tell you anything about it.If he's on an SSBN (the Trident ballistic missile submarines) the patrols are more regimented; they have two separate crews, called Blue and Gold; while the Blue crew is on patrol, the Gold crew is ashore training, on leave, etc.He was quite the comfort when I had multiple surgery as well, and even got bandaged up similarly so I wouldn't feel so self conscious.Forget your youngster, just stick with Bill until graduation!!!It is a lot to take on but if you are ready to deal with that I say go for it.I met my ex-husband while he was at the Naval Academy. I'm from Annapolis and swore I would never date a mid.

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I met an absolutely wonderful guy this weekend at a wedding (the bride's mother and his sister have been setting up a little matchmaking here for a few months)- we hung out all night of the wedding and all the next day.

My ex was on a carrier, so he was still able to e-mail and call when he was out to sea. I also got to know a lot of his Navy friends and their girlfriends & wives. Yea you are probably right about the firsties...I do believe his brother just got commissioned perhaps I chose the wrong one. That's what I get for going after a youngster.....shoulda waited till he was a more mature firstie.

We all kept in constant contact when the boys where gone, it was nice to have that support network. If he didn't get you a plush Bill to snuggle with, he needs a swift kick in the shins with pointy shoes. She is so right, wait until after graduation, I think there is something in the water in Bancroft Hall.

They are the biggest group of either huge dorks or cocky asses.

My parents have always sponsored a mid for as long as I can remember. one of our mids died a few years ago when he fell out his dorm window at the Academy.

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