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To a Gael, whose people have been attacked by a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide, the consideration of anything “Royal” is as logical as asking anyone of Jewish faith and heritage to consider joining the Nazi Party.To purport to be a Gael, ignorant of the offensive nature of this symbol to an exiled and scattered race, is nothing short of complete and utter stupidity... Ach, mar a thuirt na sean fheadhainn, “Cha gabh tour a cuir ann an damh! – in The Inverness Oran, , commenting on the recent decision to change the name of the Colaisde na Gàidhlig / The Gaelic College to the Royal Gaelic College, to mark the college's 75th anniversary, but instead the move reopened centuries-old wounds.Annapolis Royal was the capital of Acadia and of Nova Scotia for almost 150 years – until Halifax was founded in 1749...Nova Scotia's new cabinet will be sworn in close to the new premier's home town.Premier-designate Stephen Mc Neil will introduce the cabinet during a ceremony next Tuesday (22 October 2013) at King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal...Swearing-in ceremonies have been held in Annapolis Royal several times in the past.

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Ph D, professor, History of American Civilization program at Harvard University, interviewed by Tavis Smiley — broadcast by PBS TV station KCTS-TV, Seattle, Washington, U. A., and Premier-designate Stephen Mc Neil, from nearby Upper Granville, will announce and welcome the new executive council for the provincial government of Nova Scotia at a swearing-in ceremony held on October 22, at King’s Theatre in the town of Annapolis Royal at 11am...

Harry ran away from George's Mount Vernon, fought for the British, and then when the British lost went to Nova Scotia with the free black community.

Then when Nova Scotia didn't work out they went to Sierra Leone and settled there.

The CEO of the Royal Gaelic College in Cape Breton says the school's board of governors is carefully considering a proposal to drop the word “royal” from the institution's name...

Controversy erupted in December 2013, when some in Cape Breton's Gaelic community called the addition offensive, saying most Gaelic-speaking migrants who sailed to Nova Scotia in the 1700s were forced out of the Highlands after conflict with the English...

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