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KKK members had routinely called in bomb threats intended to disrupt civil rights meetings as well as services at the church. on the morning of September 15, 1963, some 200 church members were in the building–many attending Sunday school classes before the start of the 11 am service–when the bomb detonated on the church’s east side, spraying mortar and bricks from the front of the church and caving in its interior walls.Most parishioners were able to evacuate the building as it filled with smoke, but the bodies of four young girls (14-year-old Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley and Carole Robertson and 11-year-old Denise Mc Nair) were found beneath the rubble in a basement restroom.Mary Margaret Whipple (D), who voted to uphold the vaccine mandate in Virginia."Im satisfied with the Virginia system, by which parents can opt out easily if they choose to."The Texas law would not have been a pure mandate either, as Perry noted in Monday night's debate.Precisely because of its reputation as a stronghold for white supremacy, civil rights activists made Birmingham a major focus of their efforts to desegregate the Deep South. had been arrested there while leading supporters of his Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in a nonviolent campaign of demonstrations against segregation.While in jail, King wrote a letter to local white ministers justifying his decision not to call off the demonstrations in the face of continued bloodshed at the hands of local law enforcement officials.As the Republican presidential field continues to attack Texas Gov.

His closest advisor works at Merck, the company that makes the Gardasil vaccine -- and his campaign has received more than ,000 from the pharmaceutical giant since 2000.The city of Birmingham, Alabama, was founded in 1871 and rapidly became the state’s most important industrial and commercial center.As late as the 1960s, however, it was also one of America’s most racially discriminatory and segregated cities.Alabama Governor George Wallace was a leading foe of desegregation, and Birmingham had one of the strongest and most violent chapters of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).The city’s police commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor, was also notorious for his willingness to use brutality in combating radical demonstrators, union members, and blacks.

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