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Both versions are public releases and not beta releases of preview software and the trouble seems to have originated longer after either version of the app or operating system received an update.

We’ve reached out to Apple for more information on the apparent issue with Apple’s official Podcasts app.

Finally, Podcasts' Now Playing screen has been tweaked to better more closely resemble Apple Music, with a mini player that can reside just above the toolbar and an Up Next list so you can see what's next in the playlist and quickly hop to something else.

The app's Featured and Top Charts pages haven't really changed.

It's still not perfect, and not sufficiently advanced that I'm going to give up Instacast.

Several users have reported that Apple’s official Podcasts app has suddenly stopped working on i OS.

Users experiencing the issue report that the latest version of Apple’s Podcasts app, version 2.1.2 released on May 29th, no longer launches or functions on i OS 7.1.1, the latest stable version of the i Phone software.

@limbodog I honestly can't sympathize w/ Apple too much on this one.

For example, there's now a tab that shows all the podcasts you haven't listened to yet. For anyone who quit the app years ago and moved on to something like Downcast, Instacast or Overcast, the question is simple: Is there any reason to switch back? It's an undeniably handy addition, and to start any episode you just tap it -- you don't have to wade into subsequent screens.

I particularly like this tab's summary view, which shows how much time is remaining in any given episode you started -- but can't remember whether you finished. In place of the previous version's oversize, under-informative card view, you get small thumbnails alongside the actual name of the podcast (duh) and how many unplayed episodes you have.

From what I've experienced, these break live updating on i Pod smart playlists: *Podcast is stars My speculation is that the Playlist and Album Rating rules break live updating because the i Pod doesn't do the complex calculations that those require.

I think the Podcast rule is a bug and for all I know it's fixed now.

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